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Mentor Mentee Program 進行中!








Time flies; a new semester is coming! UTM Rocsaut will also host our annual Mentor Mentee event this year! Dear UTM seniors, we sincerely invite you to become one of the mentors of our UTM first-year students participating in Mentor-Mentee activities and welcome the upcoming first-year students with us!

Become a Mentor, you will be able to:

Improve yourself: During the process of helping first-year students, by reviewing your learning experiences in UTM from the past few years, you will realize more of your potential and space to grow and even discover critical information you have never thought of.

Influence first-year students: By becoming a mentor, you will have an opportunity to share your valuable experiences and knowledge with first-year students, and become their important pillar and role model, whether in daily life or academics.

Expand your circle of friends: Become a Mentor who will have an opportunity to connect with like-minded first-year students or anyone and even build up deep friendships! Most importantly, you can improve your social skills to become Social Kings & Queens of UTM!

Develop a tacit understanding of teamwork: Through the long-term communication and contact between mentor and mentee, you can show the tacit knowledge you have developed through becoming mentor and mentee in future UTM X ROCSAUT activities!

In this unique activity, you will be able to provide your valuable experience and knowledge to first-year students as a mentor and help them walk through the confused and uncertain early days of university life. STOP hesitating! Sign up now!

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